When the truth in (1 John 4:4) dawns on you, the life of success and absolute victory becomes a daily experience.

Nigerian gospel singer Wyllz, Chooses to communicate this truth in the song ‘’GREATER ONE”.

On the song Greater One, Wyllz reaffirms the fact that you are a champion, and you’ll be standing on, because the greater one lives in you.

Greater One passes as the baritone singers’, cum voice over artist first release for the year 2019.

The singer is known for his gospel hit singles “IBUCHUKWU, UTIBE IMA, and NA SO, all produced by the prolific King Baseda, which have enjoyed massive air play on radio and TV stations across the Nation.

Wyllz is a member of the Love world Music and Arts Ministry, being the home of major key Players in the Gospel Music industry like Eben, Samsong, Sinach, Frank Edwards, Buchi, etc.

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Greater one lives inside of me

Greater one lives inside of me

I’m a winner I’m a winner

And yes we overcome overcome

by the blood of the lamb

And the word of my testimony

And yes we overcome overcome


I am a winner

I am a victor

Yes I reign in victory

I am a champion

And I’m standing on

Yes I spread every Where

oh oh oh oh oh oh

Yes I reign in victory

oh oh oh oh oh oh

Yes I spread everywhere

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