Understand What Is Sadomasochism – Really!

Understand What Is Sadomasochism – Really!

Have you ever felt satisfied after sex, with that smile from ear to ear, with relaxed body? If the answer is no, you and your partner still haven’t found the right formula. But that does not mean that you are incompatible in bed. Calm! Maybe they just need to get out of the comfort zone and try something warmer, more intense.

And that’s where sadomasochism comes in. This expression is the combination of two words: sadism, which is the pleasure in seeing the other suffer; and masochism, which is to feel pleasure when it suffers. The most common is to interpret that there will be some physical violence, bruising the partner, but it is nothing like that.

In order to practice sado-masochism it is necessary to understand that it is a game, an agreement between the partners. It can be something done in the sexual day to day of the couple or, still, a way to break the routine. From Nicole BDSM most important thing is to understand that one will dominate and another will be dominated, but always in a consensual way. So, if you want to play a joke in that way with your sweetheart or husband, make a way to warn or insinuate before, so as not to cause any discomfort.

Forget the word shame and do it!

Not everything starts at the time of taking off your clothes or just when you kiss the husband or boyfriend. To practice sado-masochism, start your day planning a break at lunchtime or any time the two will be available to take your partner to a sex shop, for example! Or, if it still feels a bit uncomfortable, take it to a store to choose the lingerie that you will wear later. This is a great way to prepare the weather and not embarrass anyone who has never had this kind of practice.

The classic moorings, handcuffs and sales are great too to start. When we deprive the partner of seeing what is happening other senses surface, for example touch sensitivity, caresses and innuendo at strategic points. All this lifts up the horn. Enjoy and explore all the senses: the palate, the hearing. Do unexpected things! Another cool tip is to use ice or ice cold drinks.

Above all, do not hurry! Feel the body, the breath of each other, the lingering kiss, the heat of the lips, chills, make the most of every touch, every breath. Let the shame go to the side and face a character, letting all your desires emerge, always respecting the rules of security.

When we talk about our posts to get out of the rut at the time of sex, many women are already thinking of surprising the hubby with sex in the elevator, the hallway of the building or another place where the adrenaline to be caught goes to the heights. However, for those of you still not comfortable with this idea, explore all four corners of your home. The kitchen, for example, is a great place with several objects on hand. Tie the partner to a chair and use the spatula to pat yourself is great for getting into the mood. Also, think about anal sex, which is one of the most common ways to start.

Practitioners of sadomasochism love to play with hot candle wax, but those who are not very close can risk those famous nail studs on the beads or bites. I bet your cat will love to show this trophy to friends the next day.

Complicity is the key word in sadomasochism

With sadomasochism, the couple learns to pay more attention to each other and to talk. This is because this practice requires that both know very well which limits to exceed or not, as well as understanding what to do to achieve orgasm.

An open and frank conversation between partners is essential so that she and she can find the point of balance and sexual satisfaction in a sadomasochistic practice, whether it is frequent or only done to break the routine. Therefore, self-knowledge is also important. Knowing what brings pleasure is fundamental to understanding what does not cause desire or excitement. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee complicity and to understand how to have a sadomasochistic practice that brings sexual satisfaction for both.

You must have heard a story about a friend, or even movies, who talk dirty or make up spicy stories at the time of the party and roll, when the weather is high, it’s good! Yes it’s great! But for you who are entering the world now, understand: whatever strikes or
embarrasses is not cool.

Therefore, it is always appropriate to combine a password with your partner when you have to actually stop, because in the practice of sadomasochism not always one does not want to say no. In fact, the can not spice up the climate even more. That way, define a word, which can be anything from airplane to zebra.

This is important because sadomasochistic practice can not in any way be a rape or cause disgust to any of the partners.

Demystifying BDSM

Did you see how such practices are not as strange as many people think? If you believe that your relationship is monotonous or you simply want to do something different with your partner, why not try a little practice? You can combine the boundaries and the role of each and then enjoy. Remember that between four walls is worth everything.

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