Download MadaRocka Asa EP

Download MadaRocka Asa EP
Download MadaRocka Asa EP

Download MadaRocka Asa EP


  1. Bad boys like [madarocka]

  2. EGO [madarocka]

  3. King of boys [madarocka]

  4. ASA [madarocka]

  5. I be lady [madarocka]

  6. Challum [madarocka]

  7. Hip Hop Royalty (MadaRocka)

I remember one of MI’s line in ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’, he said, Who gonna fix the environment (i.e who gonna fix the hip hop environment) I thought about this for a long time, I also had in mind the female rappers in Nigeria, there was a time when female MCees were going head to head with male rappers and holding down shows and events, but now everything seems to be so cold. It seems like the South is taking over in Africa, which is very sad because we have a lot of raw talents in Nigeria.

Luckily for me I came across Asa Ep by Madarocka Chi, I listened to ‘Challum’ (a song in the EP) and I was waoowed.. I asked who is this chick? Where has she been? How come she’s spitting so much fire but no one is talking about it? Why are her songs not topping charts? And again, who is this lady? I needed answers, so I did a quick search on her.


Nmadilaka Ahaghotu …. , better known as Madarocka, is an American-born Nigerian rapper, songwriter, inspirational speaker and fashion influencer. She began her career as a Pioneer of the late 90s. She was a part of a hip hop group called SOURCE Int’l Clique, which toured the US back then, and was well known for delivering good music. Madarocka has shared staged with hiphop legends including Nas, Diddy, the Fugees, Wutang and Junior Mafia and featured with the Digable Planets for international tours worldwide.
Because of her love for her roots Madarocka always represents Africa in her style of music, dressing and in most of her works. She always visits Africa and she has projects she’s working to empower youths in Africa. In November 2020, Madarocka dropped Asa Ep, a phenomenal body of work that has indeed established her as the hiphop Queen.


Asa Ep is one of the most astounding hip hop oeuvre dropped in 2020. The 7 track EP features Oga Boss Illbliss on the hit track Asa which happens to be the album tittle, the album also feature EMCO and Fins the CEO. The song ‘I Be Lady’ has an afro beats fusion vibe mixed with hip hop. ‘King of Boys’ is a song in album inspired by Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King of Boys’ movie, if you have seen the movie then you should understand why this track makes so much sense. She worked with talented producers including Mista Books, DJ Willie-O, SamKlef, and Fin-S-the-CEO.

Asa EP is a must listen if you love good music and you love hip hop. I’m happy for the hip-hop revival this EP has brought, I’m happy for the hardcore truth spoken on this album and above all, I’m happy to see a female MCee keeping the men on their toes and setting the pace like a true Queen.

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