Aveck Jay - Say yes
Aveck Jay – Say yes

Aveck Jay – Say yes MP3Β 

The Nigerian fast-rising star Aveck Jay DEL closes what is already an amazing year with the release of his new single “SAY YES” after his hot recent collaboration with Yorubarbie on OLOLUFE which tend to be fans favorite after the released of the trending hit!.

Aveck Jay DEL expressed in full details his precious feelings towards a crush putting into the hearing for a positive answer “SAY YES” and Neva say “NO” to my request.

Produced by Mr.Connector(SA)
Mixed & Mastered by SIMKLEFF (LouditSoundit).

Download and Enjoy Below..



AVECK JAY {Say-Yes} {Lyrics}

Intro: Aveck Jay D.E.L on this one, Mr Connector on the beat, Simkleff on the mix…
Hook: You gave me the light, she make me want more,
Neva decline if I give you strong love..{2x}
Bridge: {So}-give me the chance let me love you,
I will neva neva hurt you,
I promise to forever dey for you
Oh girl your know I really want you..{2x}
Chorus: I promise not to let you down baby you’re more like a medicine to me..
Curing my pains always whenever I’m down in my soul
Will you give me the answer now say you want me to be your real man,
Neva think I’m a player anyway….SayYes!
Neva say no to my request, wanna hold you tight baby girl, I just want you be the woman of my loving heart eh..
Neva think I’m all about women really don’t want you think that believe I’m all about the best and to make you smile eh..
Hook: {2x}
Verse1: Baby neva think I’m a player
{Oh yes}
That will play your heart anyhow
{Oh yes}
I don’t want you say you know men better
Majority are for real heart breakers..Neva!!
I will give you the best and give you everything you deserve
Cause you gave me the light I give you my love as replacement
Verse2: Because you win me over really make me wanna, make you my pride not telling lie..
Don’t want both of us to be angry at the same time, baby cool your temper let me be your real man..
You neva say yes really want you say yes
Neva you say no you know what I deserve
If you gimme full chance gonna treat you like a princess, giving you all the best you ghat no stress no more
Weather you will grant me what will make me happy baby I don’t know o
Giving me the opposite of answer I need okan mi o le fo..oooo
Have been thinking about you, for real you’re the one I choose
Try to call me baby boo….
Promise always to be honest with you..u.u.u.u.u
Hook: {2x}
Lyrics by: BLAZHERπŸ‘³πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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